Those who can, must do some, for those who can’t

A voluntary organization formed out of the sheer belief that those who can must do some
for those who can’t, WSDC has found itself working on varied issues of development,
gender, livelihood security, child rights, citizen rights, etc.


Women in food security

Food and livelihood security for the poor and marginalised community for access to their welfare schemes and entitlements.

Capacities Building of CBOs and CSOs

Skill enhancement training by linking with line departments and agencies.

Formation and strengthening Community Based Organisation for collective action on the issue of anti human development programmes.

Grooming women leadership by providing different trainings and exposures on acts and laws and the system of governance.

Women in Governance

Promoting women for involvement in decision making bodies at all level.

Gender based violence intervention

Violence against women and children.

Livelihood security with dignity of life

Enabling women to secure a sustainable source of livelihood without having to put themselves in position of vulnerability.


Women in Governance(WinG)

State Level Livelihood Forum(SLF)